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Assistance overview

What medical and travel problems could expatriates and travelers face in Russia and FSU?

While living or traveling in Russia and FSU, you might face a medical emergency or just need to get routine medical care.
We can help if you:
- Do not know which clinic to go to or which doctors to trust, or how to call an ambulance? How can you do this if you do not speak the language?
- You have medical insurance but do not know how to use it in Russia.
- Your medical condition is serious and you need to be transported to an appropriate hospital in your home country or in the closest European country.
- You documents and money are stolen, and you need to get back to your home city or country.
- You need urgent travel information or language assistance in a critical situation.

This is not a full list of problems one can face while living or traveling in a foreign country, or even in while traveling in your own country away from home, but rest assured we cover problems not detailed here as well!

How GVA can help:

Global Voyager Assistance (GVA) is here to help you with all your healthcare and travel needs in Russia and FSU.
GVA is an independent assistance company that can refer you to a clinic or a medical professional that will help you to the best of their ability in your medical situation.
GVA can also evaluate the appropriateness of treatment and assess the need for medical transportation (evacuation or repatriation).
GVA can act as a liaison between you and a clinic or a doctor in Russia, and other interested parties such as: - your doctor in your home country - your employer, or - your insurance company

We can give recommendations to your employer or insurance company regarding the best ways of organizing medical services for your particular situation. When it is required, GVA has a medical team and air ambulance ready to fly you out of any location in Russia to any location in the world. Every year, GVA performs on average 200 medical evacuations. By number of evacuations performed from Moscow, GVA is Number One.