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Payment of medical claims to doctors and policyholders

GVA Group of companies has developed efficient and fast ways of settling (payment) medical claims for its clients in Russia, CIS and worldwide.

GVA’s specialized Claims Handling Department possesses professional expertise of evaluation of medical claims and payment of medical expenses to clinics and doctors globally.

A clinic or a doctor that has provided services to our clients can send us an invoice for patient’s treatment with a breakdown of medical services and patient’s diagnosis.

We can do payments in rubles, USA dollars, euro, and in 30 different world currencies, if needed.

For fast payment of medical bills to the clinics and doctors GVA has implemented a new system for payment of medical invoices on credit card called Fintrax.

Policyholders who have already paid their medical expenses can get reimbursed on their credit card account by using Fintrax payment system.