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Frequently asked questions

How to become GVA client?
You can either purchase a GVA Membership Program or request a particular service. Russian and CIS nationals travelling abroad can obtain a travel insurance policy from one of our partner insurance companies that include GVA worldwide assistance services.
Please contact GVA sales & marketing department for more information.

What are the costs of medical transportation (evacuation) to another city?
The cost of medical transportation depends on the type of the transport utilized by a patient (ambulance, schedule flight, air ambulance, helicopter, etc). The cost of medical transportation by plane can vary significantly from several thousand dollars to several dozens of thousand dollars (in case of an air ambulance). Contact GVA and an assistance coordinator will calculate a quote based on the type of transport you request.

Can bed-ridden patients be transported by a regular flight?
Most bed-ridden patients can be transported by a regularly scheduled flight using stretchers placed in a special way on the seats (usually in business class) of a plane. An in-bed-ridden patient is normally escorted by a GVA doctor or medical team with all the necessary medical equipment.

Can patients with acute myocardial infarction be transported?
Most patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) can be transported no earlier than 10-14 days from onset of the AMI if he/she is stabled thermodynamically and with an escort of CCU doctor (coronary care intensive doctor). Transportation by a specialized air ambulance can even be done in acute period within 24 hours after coronary syndrome; however a final decision on whether to transport takes in consideration all related factors.

We are planning on taking medical treatment abroad. How can we find out whether a patient with a critical medical condition be transported and how it can be done?
You send us the patient's medical summary or details regarding his or her medical condition and GVA doctors who specialize in air-medical transportations will provide you with their professional assessment of the patient's transportability and risks associated with the transport. The GVA medical team (including ICU doctor, if required) can accompany the patient during transportation.