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GVA History – About the company

Global Voyager Assistance (GVA) is a private medical and technical assistance company founded in 1998, specialising in the provision of services to multinational organizations, expatriates, major insurance companies and travellers in the territory of Russia, Former Soviet Union (FSU) and worldwide. GVA helps over 2,500,000 individuals, co-ordinates more than 25,000 cases and performs 200 medical evacuations a year.

Key Figures:

Since 2000, GVA has been a member of International Assistance Group (IAG) ( and is chosen as a partner in Russia and Former Soviet Union countries by more than 50 international insurance, medical and technical assistance companies including AXA Assistance (AXA, IPA), Inter Mutuelle Assistance, Mondial (Elvia, World Access), MAPFRE, ARC Transistance (ADAC, ANWB, AA), Medex and others.

The GVA Moscow Alarm Center employs a staff of 80 multilingual assistance, claims handling and medical specialists, including seven doctors. An air ambulance is constantly on standby to transport a patient from any location in Russia and Former Soviet Union to any destination of the world.

The GVA Alarm Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our 28 specially trained coordinators are at least bilingual (English/Russian languages are a must; we also speak French, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Serbian-Croatian).

Besides its Moscow office, GVA has its own Alarm Centers in the high travel destination countries including Turkey (2004), Egypt (2001), Cyprus (1998), Bulgaria (2008), Thailand (2006), Montenegro (2007). In all countries of Western Europe, including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Spain and others GVA has developed an extensive network of medical assistance and technical assistance providers, and also when needed can rely to its colleagues from International Assistance Group.

Moreover, GVA provides the clients with free telephone lines in the following countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Thailand.

We have a database of more than 1,700 facilities in the FSU and Mongolia from which to serve our clients. The Moscow operation currently manages more than 30,000 cases a year. We charter about 30 air ambulances per year and around 200 evacuations by commercial carriers.

GVA annually services more than 1,800,000 Russians travelling internationally and within Russia and CIS (short term policies) and enrolled through our clients - 45 major Russian insurers, and a significant number of international travelers and expatriates in Russia for medical and technical cases as a partner of international assistance and insurance companies.

The physicians that manage the medical cases and fly on medical evacuations are all anesthesiologists and resuscitators and have experience of Western medical care (either abroad or in best western facilities in Moscow). The GVA Alarm Center is also equipped with a comprehensive supply of the latest resuscitation equipment including cardio monitors, defibrillators, vacuum mattresses, oxygen, etc.

Medical services in remote areas are provided for oil and gas and large construction projects that are located in remote areas and that are in need of medical expertise and services on the field. We have experience with several projects such as Campenon Bernard, de Vinci, Bechtel, Sarcophagi project, which was financed by the European Bank of Reconstruction (Ukraine, Chernobyl); Shell/Exxon (Sakhalin), Vanoord, Geocean (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Katran K, Bouygues Offshore (Saipem), Starstroy (Krasnodar region).

Guarantee of an international standard of quality

GVA is the chosen partner for medical and technical assistance in Russia and Former Soviet Union for international giants such AXA, Mapfre, Inter Mutuelle Assistance, SOS international Scandinavia and 45 other companies that trust GVA.

Since 2000, GVA has been a member of International Assistance Group (IAG), an organisation that currently counts more than 40 participants - assistance companies from different regions of the world. IAG membership guarantees provision of medical and technical assistance on a worldwide basis through the network of professional assistance companies – members of IAG.

GVA participates in international events such the International Travel Insurance Conference (ITIC), IAG committees that are held twice a year or AIR MED (where all the medical aviation industry meets). Moreover, very often, GVA executives are invited as speakers at those international events and articles regarding assistance, medical evacuation and healthcare are published in leading professional press such International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ).

On-going work communication with IAG colleagues, as well as participation in international IAG forums and academies for chief coordinators, have made it possible for GVA to maintain international standards of services for assistance companies.

Moreover, GVA is a medical representative in Russia and other FSU countries for ARC Transistance Group, the biggest automobile association club in Europe. Thanks to such partnership relations, GVA receives an additional assistance for technical cases in Europe.

In Russia, GVA is a member of the Association of European Businesses (AEB).