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Examples of real cases

Examples of real cases

Medical Transportation by Air Ambulance, Moscow - Manchester

During a work day, a 43-year old director at the Moscow branch of a UK company suddenly experienced a severe pain on the left side of his chest. His colleagues called emergency services and the patient was transported by ambulance to a hospital. He was admitted to a cardiac department with diagnosis of myocardial infarction. According to the doctor’s recommendations, he needed immediate cardio surgery but relatives were insisting on surgery in England. Due to his medical condition he could be transported by air ambulance escorted by a doctor, a nurse and resuscitation equipment. Global Voyager Assistance organized transportation by resuscitation ground ambulance to the airport and then by air ambulance from Moscow to Manchester. The surgery was successfully performed and the patient was discharged after one month of rehabilitation.

Assistance for lost document, Moscow

On evening, a French businessman was out walking and sightseeing in downtown Moscow. Suddenly two people came up to him, and with threats forced him to follow them into a side street, where they took his money and documents. Still in shock, the robbed man came back to the hotel and called GVA asking for advice. He did not speak any Russian. The GVA coordinator advised him to go immediately to police (militsia) office and inform them of the robbery. Since the Frenchman did not speak Russian, GVA sent a French-speaking coordinator to accompany him and provide assistance to complete an application regarding the robbery. The GVA coordinator then explained instructions received from police regarding any further actions and accompanied the client back to the hotel. In response to a request from the client two days later, a GVA agent met the client at the airport to assist at the Immigration desk from any unforeseen difficulties due to the passport replacement of the victim. Everything went smoothly and the client was able to fly to an important conference he had to attend in Geneva.

Ambulance Transportation and Hospitalization, Moscow region

An Austrian tourist was taking a taxi from Domodedovo airport, Moscow region to the city of Moscow when the car got in car accident. With multiple injuries and a hip fracture he was admitted to the nearest regional hospital. The facility was poorly equipped and did not have any orthopedic department. The patient required surgery and further specialized medical treatment. Global Voyager Assistance organized ambulance transportation and admission to a private hospital in Moscow. The patient underwent a comprehensive investigation and then successful orthopedic surgery.

Medical Transportation by regular flight with a doctor escort from Kazakhstan to Italy.

An Italian businessman arrived in the city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan for a meeting with local partners. Pavlodar is a small town located 350 km from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. On the way back to the hotel after a business meeting on one of his free evenings, he was robbed. Robbers took his money, documents and clothes. Unconscious with frost bite and other serious injures, he was admitted to the Regional Pavlodar hospital. He was in a foreign country without any money and his passport. His transportation to a home country was possible only with a doctor escort. Since there were no direct flights between Pavlodar and Milan, Global Voyager Assistance had to arrange for a complex transportation route through several cities. The GVA doctor flew to the patient in Pavlodar and escorted him on all the way through Almaty (Kazakhstan), Frankfurt (Germany) and finally to Milan (Italy).

Arrangement of pediatrician in Sochi.

A young family of Muscovites with their 2-year old child went on vacation to the Black sea. It was their first family trip to the sea. On the third day of staying at the resort the child got a high fever. The parents tried to use anti-inflammatory medication against the fever but this gave only temporary relief. Realizing that they could not overcome the situation by themselves the parents called to GVA Moscow. A pediatrician arranged by GVA came to the hotel and examined the boy. There were no sings of infectious disease. Only after more detailed examination the doctor found a red spot on the neck of the child, which could be a result of an insect bite (most likely a bee). Allergic reaction caused by this bite could lead to an anaphylactic shock. Medication given just in time avoided more serious complications.