Доктор Владимир Зеленко
GVA took part in the video conference dedicated to coronavirus infection COVID-19 treatment.

The member of the discussion was doctor Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko – the Head of the outpatient clinic in one of New York (USA) districts who shared the results of his COVID19 patients therapy.

Based on other countries data Dr. Zelenko put into practice empiric treatment with combination of 3 medications used for certain diseases therapy unrelated to COVID19. He indicates the need for etiotropic treatment at an outpatient stage before hospitalization is required.

The Interim Guidelines on coronavirus infection (COVID19) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health indicates the possibility of certain etiotropic medications use for COVID19 treatment however current data on therapy results do not allow making a clear conclusion on their effectiveness or inefficiency. Ethiotropic treatment is permissible only by medical commission decision under close medical supervision in case of potential benefit exceeding the risk of their use.

Arthur Zulficarov, the doctor, Head of GVA Russia, addressed several questions to Dr. Zelenko highlighted in the video conference fragment.

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