Patient Navigation

Healthcare Navigation and Wellbeing
Navigation of patients in healthcare is a new concept and the service to help a patient to get acquainted with a range of specialized medical facilities and professionals that would be capable to handle their medical problem. GVA has become an expert in Patient Navigation for critical diseases.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide this service in various ways.

For life and critical disease insurance local programmes, we help to navigate a patient with oncology or other severe medical problems to the best facilities both within the free government healthcare system and private healthcare facilities including overseas ones. For critical diseases, GVA can also arrange a second-opinion consultation with international medical professionals.

For seafarers and travellers that are scheduled for medical repatriation back to home country we investigate the best specialized facilities in the place of domicile and arrange smooth admission. GVA can arrange medical treatment outside the place of the residence of a seafarer, if required for medical reasons.

Wellbeing Programs

Healthcare Navigation and Wellbeing
GVA are also servicing wellbeing programmes that insurers use to enhance their life and medical insurance programmes. The call line for such programmes is supported by GVA Alarm Centre Doctor that can professionally guide the members in the wellbeing health aspects.