Telemedicine is the service that GVA provides for supporting its travelling and/or remotely located clients

Telemedicine for Crew and Travellers

Telemedicine for crew on vessels

GVA Telemedicine programme is designed for ship owners and ship managers for their peace of mind to meet their obligations to seafarers as per Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) requirements.

A medical case on a vessel requires that its Master makes a decision about the options for medical treatment for a sick or an injured seafarer. The Master or seafarer on a vessel can communicate with the GVA Duty Doctors at our 24/7 Alarm Centres by phone, email, or by a video conference call.

Although not replacing an actual medical consultation, telemedicine service still can be an essential tool in assessing the seafarer's medical condition. The GVA Doctor can provide recommendations regarding the urgency of a medical case and the alternative options of treating a seafarer onboard versus onshore. Such recommendations can be critical to the Master in making a decision regarding any deviation of the vessel from its scheduled route. Telemedicine for Crew and Travellers

Telemedicine for the travelers

Getting sick whilst travelling overseas can be a challenging experience. In cases where a traveller is not comfortable about visiting a doctor due to a possible language barrier or due to the poor local medical infrastructure GVA can arrange a telemedical consultation for primary evaluation of the patient’s condition.