medical evacuation of a patient by flight transportation

In situations where medical evacuation by regular flight is not possible, Global Voyager Assistance offers the organization of transportation by air ambulance from USA, Great Britain, Russia, as well as air ambulance transportation to another country (any country in the world upon request).

GVA proposes to organize this service under the following circumstances:

  • Transportation by air ambulance in the case of oncology (stage III, IV)
  • Transportation by air ambulance in case of injuries (polytrauma, spinal injuries, craniocerebral trauma)
  • Transportation by air ambulance after a heart attack (old age, severe condition, numeral complications)
  • Transportation by air ambulance after a stroke (old age, severe condition, numeral complications)

Air ambulance transportation of Seafarers

Global Voyager Assistance has experience in the transportation by dedicated air ambulance jets of the seafarers at the request of ship-owners and P&I clubs.

To organize medical escort by air ambulance, GVA has the following medical aircraft: Learjet-35, -45, -55 and -60, Challenger 600, Cessna Citation 550 Bravo, Dornier 328 Turboprop, Gulfstream G100 and other air ambulance aircraft.

GVA has the possibility of air ambulance transportation by plane during the COVID 19 Pandemic. In the case the COVID 19 diagnosis is confirmed, the air ambulance board is equipped with special isolation boxes that allow the patient to be transported without the risk of contact with other people and possible complications.

Transportation by air ambulance with medical team is always carried out with a participation of an ICU Doctor and Nurse, as well as the equipping of the board with all the necessary equipment, medicines and consumables to continue treatment during the flight.

Advantages of transportation of patients by air ambulance:

  • The ability to transport patients in almost any condition
  • Individual departure time and route
  • Transportation of the patients in severe condition as soon as possible to provide medical care

Here are the examples of medical evacuations by regular flights organized by the GVA team.

GVA organized an urgent repatriation of a sailor from Greece to Russia

GVA organized an evacuation of a patient with heart failure from France to Turkey

To calculate the cost of evacuation of a patient by air ambulance, please contact us: as soon as possible, we will prepare a calculation and plan for the transportation of the patient, taking into account his condition, method of transportation, and route.

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