Stretcher Airlines
Last week international P&I club’s representatives requested Global Voyager Assistance to medically repatriate a sailor.

A sailor from St. Petersburg was taken off the ship due to the psychotic disorder. GVA Team immediately contacted the hospital in Athens, where the patient was hospitalized to, and took the situation under control. GVA Doctors managed to receive medical reports and making sure the patient's condition had become stable, GVA arranged a bed-to-bed medical repatriation by an air ambulance flight.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic arranging of air medical transportation was complicated, even despite the patient was tested negative for coronavirus. Nevertheless, GVA Assistance Team successfully handled all the pandemic local requirements. On May 9 the patient was taken by GVA arranged ambulance directly to his home to undergo the treatment in Russia.

GVA is doing its best to help maritime industry in overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier GVA organized the evacuation of the crew of a Russian dry cargo ship from South Africa, as well as arranged for the medical transportation of a stroke patient from Guinea Bissau to Kaliningrad.