medical evacuation from usa
A Bulgarian seafarer was disembarked and hospitalized in Miami, Florida, USA. The reason was a mental disorder of the seafarer. The P&I Club asked Global Voyager Assistance to help with his medical evacuation back home to Varna, Bulgaria.

Due to the suicidal state of the 49 years old crew member the decision was made to organize the evacuation with the escort by full medical team of Doctor and Nurse. The Global Voyager Assistance medics were about to depart to the patient from their base, the plan and all the arrangements were in place when the condition of the patient deteriorated and he needed to stay hospitalized for some more time. We had to cancel all bookings and wait for the permission to visit the seafarer.

When his condition became stable the GVA ICU Doctor and Nurse arrived to Florida. It was very important that our specialists had all necessary documents to organize the escort of the patient in the USA and all other transit countries and GVA solved this task. Even the seafarer was prescribed with sedative medication during this long travel that was obviously a big stress for him, he became agitated and refused to take his medication. This situation was predictable by GVA Professionals, that’s why two medical escorts have been assigned for this mission. GVA medical team is well experienced in escorting patients with psychotic disorders and was able to handle this situation and made it possible to proceed with the travelling.

Mission was completed successfully.

Recently GVA assisted with the medical evacuation of Ukrainian Seafarer from Gibraltar to Ukraine.