Air Ambulance Medical Evacuation Norway
A Russian seafarer was hospitalized in Tromso, Norway due to Intracerebral hemorrhage (stroke). Once the seafarer was deemed fit for air ambulance transportation after the surgery in Tromso was completed, the P&I Insurer requested GVA to organize medical repatriation of the seafarer by air ambulance plane.

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions in Norway and Russian Federation, there were several challenges faced on the ground such as the urgent clearance for the air ambulance team by the authorities, the urgent arrangement of the appropriately equipped Ground Ambulance on arrival and many other details to agree upon. It took hours of professional communication with all the parties involved into the process in order to have everything finally set up for smooth medical transportation.

Tromso airport, Langnes is CAT C airport. That means that the pilot should have a special qualification to get an approval to land the aircraft there. A pilot with the necessary qualification was secured and the landing approval from Norway CAA was obtained – arrangements were made within 2 days.

The crew member has safely reached his homeland though his condition was severely emaciated after the surgery and he requires constant care. He could not breathe without a tracheostomy tube, needed continuous ventilator support and sedation during repatriation. The medical team kept the patient's condition stabilized during the whole route and successfully managed to bring him to Murmansk in stable condition.