Medical evacuation of Filipino Seafarer from Mangaluru, India to Manila, the Philippines

Medical Evacuation to Manila
A Filipino seafarer was hospitalized in Mangaluru, India due to dissecting aneurysm. As soon as the rehabilitation after the surgery was completed, the P&I Insurer requested GVA to organize medical repatriation of the seafarer.

The most complicated matter was to comply with the restrictions for both India and the Philippines. The countries were in lockdown , all previously issued visas and visa-free rules have been cancelled, international flights are limited.

In order to arrange the mission in the shortest timeframe, GVA dispatched two Intensive Care Nurses from different locations and arranged the medical crew change in a connection hub - Dubai.

The plan of the mission pursued the goal to successfully repatriate the seafarer back home to Manila and to avoid quarantine measures for medical escort (14 days upon arrival to Manila) protecting the P&I Insurer from any additional expenses.

The CM safely made it to his homeland though his condition was severely emaciated after the surgery .
The patient couldn’t swallow, coughed up phlegm, oxygen saturation was decreased, function of pelvic organs was uncontrolled – all that required a constant and special care during the mission. The GVA medical escorts stabilized the patient's condition during the trip and successfully managed all the difficulties.

The mission was arranged and performed within 3 days after receiving the initial request from P&I Insurer.
Medical Evacuation to Manila from India