Medical evacuation in China
A Filipino seafarer was hospitalized in Tianjin, China due to an acute intestinal obstruction. GVA was requested to assess the case and arrange a repatriation of the seafarer with medical escort on commercial carrier to Manila, the Philippines.

While studying the medical documents, GVA doctors made a conclusion that due to severity of seafarer’s condition the transportation by Commercial carrier even on stretchers was extremely risky and could lead to fatality in flight.

The seafarer had terminal stage of colon cancer with extensive metastasis that blocked colon totally. He had multiple complication as pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency (pericardial and pleural effusion) that was stable upon hospital care but would definitely make condition much worse (till death) upon long term trip on regular flight. As a coexistent disease deep vein thrombosis was reviled and all this made evacuation by Air Ambulance with full medical team and equipment the only one option to deliver this severe patient back home to his family.

GVA dispatched the Air Ambulance aircraft without any advance pre-payment to make this transportation feasible as soon as possible. Landing permissions both in China and in the Philippines were successfully obtained in the shortest time following the protocols of COVID-19 cross border transfers’ restrictions. The seafarer was safely repatriated to Manila and admitted to the local hospital for further treatment.

Recently GVA assisted with an urgent repatriation of the seafarer from Panama to India.