GVA specailists organized the repatriaton by regular flight

Global Voyager Assistance often get requests to organize the evacuation by regular flight from the USA, Great Britain and other countries. The evacuation of patients by regular flight (or passenger flight) is the most common form of transportation. It supposes transportation of the patient by the plane, evacuation with medical team (ICU Doctor and/or nurse) in standard or business class by one or, if required, several flights from the starting point to the final point of evacuation. If it is necessary to transporting patients in a laying position (for example, repatriation by regular flight after a stroke or heart attack), then the special stretchers (stretcher modules) are installed in the aircraft cabin. Assistance in transportation of patient in case of injuries and oncology is also possible, although such situations require a detailed study and a special approach such as transportation by air ambulance.

Medical repatriation of patients from a number of countries involves complex bureaucratic procedures - even if repatriation of a patient to another city inside such countries is considered. But Global Voyager Assistance has vast practical experience in solving such issues. We carry out medical evacuation from USA, Great Britain and other countries.

Medical evacuation and repatriation of seafarers

Also, the GVA team carries out medical evacuation of seafarers from any place in the world. Our experience, a wide network of providers, membership in the International Assistance Group and the International Maritime Health Association allow us to quickly respond to the requests from ship-owners and organize an assistance to seafarers.

Since the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Global Voyager Assistance team has organized over 400 medical evacuations. With a professional approach and the involvement of highly qualified GVA specialists, evacuation during a Pandemic is real.

Global Voyager Assistance takes over the complete organization of the medical evacuation process:

  • Communication with the patient's physician, obtaining of all necessary medical information
  • GVA doctor's recommendation on the methods, timing and medical support of transportation
  • Obtaining of all the necessary documents for the transportation of the patient
  • Planning the route and booking of all air tickets and stretcher modules
  • Delivery of the patient to the plane, accommodation on board, ascent and descent on a special elevator
  • Medical support by an ICU Doctor or a full medical team
  • Meeting of the patient at the airport and transportation to the destination, including specialized transport (ambulance)

Here are the examples of medical evacuations by regular flights organized by the GVA team.

Bulgarian Seafarer transported by regularly flight with doctor from Miami to Varna

Medical evacuation of Ukrainian Seafarer from Gibraltar to Ukraine

To calculate the cost of repatriation by passenger flight transportation, please contact us: as soon as possible, we will prepare a calculation and plan for the transportation of the patient, taking into account his condition, method of transportation, and route.

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