GVA организует транспортировку больных коронавирусом COVID-19 санитарной авиацией в изоляционных капсулах
The COVID-19 outbreak started in December 2019 has spread all over the world during a few months. As of 6th April 2020 the total number of cases overpassed 1 300 000 in 183 countries.

Almost every country has imposed restrictive measures focusing on viral-surveillance effort including air traffic limitations. Regarding this regular flights transportations have become extremely difficult to organize as well as COVID-19 patients transportations due to infection risk and safety measures required.

Global Voyager Assistance is able to organize medical transportation with specially equipped Air Ambulance for the following cases:

  • From one medical facility to another one of a higher level for COVID-19 severe forms treatment course
  • Transportation to the patients country of residence regardless of COVID-19 severity
  • Transportation to another medical facility, country or city for patients at risk, including compromised immunity

To transport a COVID-19 patient the special transporting unit is fixed onboard the air ambulance ensuring complete isolation between the patient and external environment. The unit structure disables infection agents spreading from the patient as well as prevents any contamination from the outside. The accompanying medical team performs all necessary manipulations through special boxing sleeves.

Air Ambulance is equipped with all necessary medicines and supplies for COVID-19 patient transportation in almost any condition. Our highly qualified doctors ensure treatment throughout the flight.

COVID-19 patient transportation is carried out on condition of the host medical facility and the host hygiene authorities consents.

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